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Insurance Needs



Your home is an asset.  It's also where you and your family live, so let's make sure it's properly protected against, fire, water, wind, hail, equipment breakdown, and other potential hazards.



You rely on your vehicle every day and, more often than not, that vehicle is constantly transporting people you care about. 

So let's make sure you have the coverage that fits your needs at the lowest possible price.

Business Insurance

Our business lines are so robust, that it simply isn't possible to list all the types of businesses we insure, so give us a call and we'll get you covered.


We're your one stop resource for Life Insurance, mainly because we know first hand how valuable good policies are for your loved ones.

Why We're Great for
Real Estate Agents

# 1:  We're Quick, We're Thorough, and We're Efficient.  

# 2:  You're busy and you need to be focused on getting your deals closed, which is why we're your perfect partner.  

# 3:  We add value to your services and ensure that your clients get the absolute best, every time.

# 4:  We make your job easier and we make your clients happy.


One Agency

Consistently shopping your rates and terms with a robust list of insurance companies.

What more could you ask for?

Why We're Awesome for

Mortgage Professionals

# 1:  We're Quick, We're Thorough, and We're Efficient.  

# 2:  We excel when you need us most, because we know exactly what your underwriters, processors, and  escrow officers need.

# 3:  I used to be in the mortgage business, so I speak the language and I understand your process.

# 4:  We always make sure your EOI's include the language you need to get the file closed ASAP.  Full Replacement Cost, Reconstruction Cost Estimators, Vesting, Paid in Full, Mortgagee Clauses, etc.

# 5:  We add considerable value to your services, now and in the future.

#6:  We keep you abreast when we get mortgagee change requests.

Trusted Insurance Broker

William Ghanem

 There are a lot of Insurance Providers to choose from, so allows us to make it easy for you, because we add considerable value to each and every client

Home Insurance

Auto Insurance

Business Insurance

Umbrella Insurance

Life Insurance


Reliability When It Matters Most

We incorporate years of experience with each service we provide and we're always looking out for your best interests.  


We use insurance to protect your assets, your net worth, and your family.

When done correctly, insurance is a great tool for mitigating your exposure to potential losses.


Insurance Companies

At Your Fingertips

Local, Regional & National Coverage


Liberty Mutual



National General Premier



Kemper Preferred

CSE (Civil Service Employees)



Bristol West


American Modern

Kemper Specialty



Nationwide Private Client

Business Insurance

Life Insurance

The List Goes On...

Travelers Insurance


Safeco Insurance


 Nationwide Insurance


Progressive Insurance


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