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Before we issue a quote or policy, we thoroughly research the property in question, which includes running a CLUE Report (Property Loss History) and properly identifying the interior and exterior quality of the property.  That way we know our quotes and policies are accurate and will always provide you with the coverage you need, at the lowest cost possible.


We also underwrite our policies at the time of issue.


Regardless of the property, we always run your scenario through multiple carriers, because finding our clients a quality policy at a low cost is a major priority for us.

Each policy has specific underwriting guidelines that will determine what's covered, and we constantly study the ever-changing underwriting guidelines.  


A simple toilet overflow can cause tens of thousands of dollars in repairs, so let's make sure your asset is covered the way it's supposed to be.

July 2019

Landlord Policy

Cause of Damage:

Upstairs toilet overflow. 

Rooms affected:

Master bathroom, master closet, downstairs study, and downstairs living room. 

Complications found:

Asbestos and Mold. 

Loss Amount:

$ 37,000 and counting. 

100% Covered by Insurance.  

Condo Insurance

Speaking from experience, every person who owns a condo needs a quality condo insurance policy that will step up in times of need.  Master policies and your neighbors insurance, if they have any, can have serious gaps.  We write a lot of condo owners insurance and our recommendations have always resulted with our clients being 100% satisfied.

Home Warranty

We always recommend a home warranty package for anyone who owns a home, investment property or condo.  When a pipe breaks behind the drywall or under the ground, the insurance company will primarily pay for the damages that the water caused and your home warranty will cover the cost to repair the plumbing.

Owner vs Landlord

It's important to make sure your insurance policy matches the usage of your home or condo, because policy guidelines are specific when it comes to things like Loss of Rents vs Additional Living Expenses.

Replacement Value

We only provide policies that include Full Replacement Costs and Extended Replacement Cost Coverage.

Mortgage Companies

We've been working in the Real Estate, Mortgage, and Escrow Industries for years, so we're very well versed in their unique terminology and we always get them exactly what they need in a timely manner.

Equipment Coverage

Several of the Preferred Insurance Companies offer equipment coverage which will save you a considerable amount of money if your heating and/or air conditioning systems fail.

Personal Liability

It's one of the most import coverage options you need, because anything that happens on your property, whether you're home or not is your responsibility and a simple dog bite could cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

Here's a Short List of Companies We Use

Safeco Insurance  -  Liberty Mutual Company  -  Nationwide Insurance  -  Travelers Insurance  -  Nationwide Private Client (NPC)  -  AIG  -  PURE  -  CHUBB  -  Progressive Insurance  -  The American Modern  Group  -  Civil Service Employees (CSE)  -  ASI (American Strategic Insurance)  -  National General Premier  -  AEGIS  -  Mercury Insurance  -  Foremost Insurance Group  -  Kemper Preferred  -  CA FAIR Plan  -  Lloyd's of London  -  Scottsdale Insurance Company  -  Evanston Insurance