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About Us

About our Insurance Services

Local Service with National Resources, and our services are completely free

Quite simply, we provide our clients with quality insurance for all of their business and personal needs

All things considered, we work with over 90 different insurance companies across the U.S. and we’re licensed in 45 States, so we have the resources to ensure you get what you need to protect your assets

​That being said, we keep it simple, straight forward, and to the point.  We match your needs with the right company, because most people don't know what they need, until they need it, and it's our job to anticipate a potential loss, so that your insurance will protect you, your family, your assets, and your business.

The beauty of working with a good insurance provider, with extensive resources, is that we're not tied to any one specific company.  We simply find the company that best fits your needs, with the lowest possible cost.

We're an extremely valuable resource if you're truly trying to protect your assets and mitigate your potential losses.

​My clients know that the level of service they get from my agency is rare, because I constantly go the extra mile for each and every client, and I'm there to advocate for you when you need it most.

​Give us a call, so you can become a valued client today.


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