William Ghanem

"Make a difference one day at a time"

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William Ghanem

Above all else, I'm just a single dad trying to raise my son with good ethics and morals, and I want him to be a positive, contributing member of our society, with an embracing worldview.

I'm happily involved with three very important sectors of our lives: Insurance, Health and Wellness and the Financial Markets.  

I'm also a firm believer than we can live our best lives when we can expand our view of time versus money.

I started in the insurance industry because I know how important it is to have good insurance and I wanted to cut through the BS and give people quality choices.  I also know that insurance isn't something we should set and forget, because our needs change and our insurance should accurately reflect those changes.

A little personal history:

  • ​I have bachelors degrees in accounting, financial services, and marketing

  • I've successfully consulted and managed high net worth clients with portfolios exceeding $20 million dollars

  • I've had a successful career in the mortgage industry, so I'm well versed with the idiosyncrasies between your home insurance and the mortgage companies.

  • I've worked in the Life Insurance Industry since I was 20 years old

  • I've owned a State Farm Agency and a Farmers Agency

  • ​I have a solid track record as a marketing consultant

  • Immediately after college, I took over a company with 28 employees and through the successful implementation of horizontal and vertical integration strategies, I grew the company to 150 employees, I increased net profits by 300% and it didn't incur any debt, all within 36 months

  • I'm a firm believer in the health and wellness industry

  • I'm also a youth soccer coach, so you'll most likely find me on the soccer field a few evenings every week and most Saturday's