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William Ghanem

"Make a difference one day at a time"

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William Ghanem

I’m a simple guy who puts family at the top of my to-do list.

I’m happily involved in the Insurance Industry, the Health and Wellness Industry, the Financial Markets, and working with people to want to establish multiple streams of income.


I also firmly believe that we can live our best lives when we can expand our view of time versus money.


I started my path in the insurance industry because I know how important it is to have good insurance and I wanted to cut through the BS and give people quality choices. 


I also know that insurance isn't something we should set and forget.  Our needs change and our insurance should accurately reflect those changes, otherwise we could create severe gaps in our financial wellbeing.


A little personal history:

  • ​I have bachelors degrees in accounting, financial services, and marketing

  • I've successfully consulted and managed high net worth clients with portfolios exceeding $20 million dollars

  • I've had a successful career in the mortgage industry, so I'm well versed with the idiosyncrasies between your home insurance and the mortgage companies

  • I've worked in the Life Insurance Industry since I was 20 years old

  • I was a State Farm agent and a Farmers agent, before I realized how important it is to give clients choices

  • I have a solid track record as a marketing consultant, where I’ve helped companies grow net profits by 300% within 36 months, without incurring any significant debt

  • I'm a firm believer in the health and wellness industry

  • I'm also a youth soccer coach, so you'll most likely find me on the soccer field a few evenings every week and most Saturday's

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